These facts about the cost of synthetics

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Independent Amsoil Dealer in Orlando FL

Being an Independent Amsoil Dealer in Orlando FL, I can tell you a few reasons for using synthetic lubricants. They are pure, their molecular structure is uniform, they can be designed and precisely engineered to work in any application that requires lubrication.  They can be purchased from any Authorized Amsoil Dealer, an Amsoil approved retail stores, internet sales from the Corporate Online store or by ordering over the phone from one of the retail catalogs.

Synthetic oil molecules graphic

Unlike mineral molecules that don’t have uniform in size molecules and are not completely pure since it is refined from crude oil which is not a perfect process.

Mineral oil molecules graphic

Because synthetic molecules are pure in nature, and uniform in size they are design-able and exhibit:

  • Improved energy efficiency – ( With precise molecular engineering of pure molecules)

  • Wider operating temperature range  – (Makes it better resistant to temperature related Breakdowns)

  • Increased design ratings – (Because synthetic molecules are uniform and smooth)

  • Reduced maintenance – (Tailored to ensure long life and provide better protection than conventional oils)

  • Better reliability and safer operation – ( Resists thinning in heat and thickening in cold temperatures)

    Since AMSOIL introduced synthetic motor oil in 1972 to the world.  We’ve been enjoying the benefits time and time again, ever since that time.  Since then many vehicle and equipment manufacturers have followed suit.  Even the well known  motor oil companies have realized the benefits of using synthetic oils and introduced their own brand of synthetic oil.  The most recent company to recognize and promote the benefits of using synthetic oils is the American Automobile Association (AAA).  They recently conducted some in-depth testing to determine if it’s worth paying more for synthetic oil over mineral oil.

They concluded that the answer to that question was an emphatic “yes.”

Motor Oil helps to protect the critical engine components from damage and they found that synthetic engine oils outperformed mineral oils by an average of 47 percent in a variety of industry-standard tests.  Synthetic oils exhibit far superior resistance to deterioration when compared to mineral oils, suggesting that synthetic oil are especially beneficial to newer vehicles with turbo-charged engines and also vehicles that regularly drive in stop-and-go traffic, tow heavy loads or operate in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

The research done by the AAA included eight of the ASTM’s lubrication industry-standard tests that focused on shear stability, deposit formation, volatility, cold-temperature pump ability, oxidation resistance and oxidation-induced environmental changes. These tests were brought to you by Amsoil Dealer Lowell and performed on five synthetic oils and five mineral oils. The conclusion showed by the tests done by a prominent third-party organization reaffirms and solidifies what Amsoil has been saying for over 45 years.

If you want to view an official copy of the tests performed by the AAA,  CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK:

 The Official AAA Research Report on Synthetic vs Mineral oils



Amsoil now has added  a 100% Synthetic Firearm Lubricant and Protectant that comes in both a dripper type bottle and an aerosol can.  It effectively lubricates and protects your guns, helping to extend their life and prevent blockages, jams and wear.

  • It exhibits outstanding protection and performance in both hot and cold climates

  • Formulated and Engineered specifically  for firearms, offering superior performance over multi-purpose products

  • It is also safe to use on all metals, woods, composites, rubbers and other materials commonly found in firearms

    Please  note: that the AMSOIL Synthetic Firearm Lubricant aerosol can packaging is not available in Canada.