New product for Diesel engines

Just released

Amsoil just released a new product for diesel engines. This product has merged 2 products that is a necessity for all diesel engine owners. The products are injector cleaner and cetane boost for diesel engines. The product provides the full potency and benefits of both products in one – convenient package at an affordable cost. The merger of these 2 products is purposely designed for serious enthusiasts and professionals alike. Owners that want to treat their diesel engines with the best care allowing them to last longer.


The combination of injector cleaner and cetane booster is absolutely the best. Why you may ask;

  • To start out, it cleans dirty injector

  • It lubricatespumps and injectors reducing engine component wear

  • Increases cetane numbers by up to 8 points

  • Extends the life of fuel filters

  • Improves fuel economy by up to 8%

  • Combats corrosian in the fuel system

  • Delivers maximum horsepower

  • Safe to use in all diesel fuel including biodiesel

  • And last but not least it is Alcohol – Free


It is convenient, perfect for warm weather protection and saves money with less costly repairs. It not only cleans injectors, boosts performance and provides better fuel system lubrication. You get an easy to use performance treatment in 1 product instead of using multiple products. It comes in a convenient 16-oz. (473-ml) bottle that treats up to 80 gallons (303-ml) and also an 8-oz. (237-ml) bottle which is specially formulated to treat up to 20 gallons (76-ml). The product is recommended for use in heavy-duty, light duty, on-or off-road and marine diesel engines.

Where to purchase

This product can be purchased from an Amsoil dealer near you, the online Amsoil store, 1 of the many Automotive retail stores in your area that carry Amsoil products or a participating Automotive repair facilities that carry Amsoil products.