Amsoil accounts pt 1

Amsoil is the absolute best synthetic oil


It is undisputed that Amsoil is the absolute best synthetic oil on the market today. Amsoil track record speaks for itself with over 46 years of experience. Being in business that long without being the fault of an engine failure. Also prolonging the life of the oil and engine itself, speaks volumes. Prolonging the life of motor oil saves money because using Amsoil means that you change oil less frequently, saving time and money.


Are you using the best

With all that being said, are you using the best? If you aren’t why not, think it’s too good to be true, too expensive, or maybe you’re just not sure that it’s for you. If you feel that it’s not for you, that’s fine, when the Wright brothers introduced the airplane to the world, people doubted them also. Look at the what that pioneering idea has grown into today, people jumping on a plane to travel great distances in a short amount of time. I can bet that they never expected it to blossom into what it has today with Trans-Atlantic flights.


Increase in popularity


Amsoil may not be the number 1 oil industry manufacturer at this time. Since I joined about 15 years ago, I have seen the popularity increase amongst diys (Do it yourselfers), mechanics and even car manufacturers alike. The popularity has grown so much so that when you ask people about Amsoil today, they more than likely have heard of it or are using it. If they haven’t heard of Amsoil, those people are far and few between these days. Years ago when I asked if the ever heard of Amsoil, the response was “No, what is that?” Today when I ask the same question, they say “that’s good stuff, the best”

In closing If you want to join the ranks of the many users that are making Amsoil their oil of choice. I have a solution for you, whether you are a Diyers (Do it yourselfers), a commercial fleet or business owner with vehicles or equipment that has lubrication needs.  Whether you are a professional or an aspiring business owner.


I will explain in detail the different accounts available from Amsoil in the next post, so stay tuned.  Accounts that in the least save you from paying full price for Amsoil products.