New aerosol degreaser, cleaner and protectant

Introducing all new aerosol degreaser, cleaner and protectant from Amsoil.

Amsoil Mudslinger (AMS)    Amsoil Mudslinger

First up is the Amsoil mudslinger aerosol protectant, it provides a non-stick layer of protection that guards against the accumulation of mud, dirt and snow on ATV’s, UTV’s and dirt bikes.  It makes clean up easy from mud, dirt and snow using a low-pressure water hose.  It also protects against UV rays keeping your equipment looking fresh, brilliant and has a delightful cherry scent.

 Amsoil Engine Degreaser (AED)  Amsoil engine degreaser

Next up is the Amsoil Engine Degreaser that is packed with powerful degreasing solvents.  With its’ professional strength formula it quickly and easily removes stubborn grease, dirt and grime from engine surfaces.  You just spray it on and rinse it off for a cleaner, cooler running and much more efficient running engine.  It is also leaves no residue and is safe for all engine components.

Amsoil Glass Cleaner (AGC)  Amsoil glass cleaner 

Lastly there is the Amsoil professional strength glass cleaner that quickly cuts through grease and grime faster than the other leading glass cleaners on the market.  Its’ foaming action doesn’t run, drip, leave streaks or fogs up.  It is Ammonia free, so it is safe for glass (whether tinted or not), countertops, glass mirrors and appliances.